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Program of Symposia & Round Tables


14:00–15:00, Summit 2


The various health benefits when health professionals address sexuality

Chairs: Woet L. Gianotten (the Netherlands)

Woet L Gianotten (the Netherlands): Long-term and short-term health benefits of sexual expression in care (and cure)
Gila Bronner (Israel): The sexual aspects of sexuality education to prevent decline in sexual pleasure and sexual quality of life


15:30–17:00, Summit 2


Evidence Based Treatments for Sexual Dysfunction:
The State of the art and future directions (WAS Scientific Committee Symposium)

Chair: Pedro Nobre (Portugal)

Pedro Nobre (Portugal): The State of the Art of Psychological Interventions for Male Sexual Dysfunction: New research findings and clinical implications
Marita McCabe (Australia): Simple Strategies for Psychological Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction in Women
Andrea Salonia (Italy): Sexual functioning mirrors overall man’s health status


15:30–17:00, Room 334


Sexual health and rights workshop for young people (Youth Initiative Committee)

Chair: Anton Castellanos Usigli (Mexico)

Anton Castellanos Usigli (Mexico): Youth and sexual rights
Stefano Eleuteri (Italy): The Internet: new challenges and opportunities for youths’ sexual health
Masayoshi Yanagida (Japan): Two sides of the same coin: Delivering and accepting young people’s voices – for the conversation to cause the movement


17:00–18:00, Summit 2


Strategies to Restore Sexual Quality of Life in Men (ISSM Symposium)

Chair: P. Ganesan Adaikan (Singapore) & Mikio Namiki (Japan)

Ronny Tan (Singapore): Staying hard after treatment of prostate cancer
Doddy M. Soebadi (Indonesia): The sexual life of prostate cancer patients treated with ADT
Nam Cheol Park (South Korea): Penile Augmentation: Myth and Reality



11:30–12:30, Summit 2


Biologic Issues in Women’s Sexual Function (ISSWSH Symposium)

Chair: Kwangsung Park (South Korea)

Kwangsung Park (South Korea): Vasculogenic Female Sexual Dysfunction: Pathophysiology and Risk factors
Faysal El Kak (Lebanon): Treatment Options for Female Sexual Dysfunction
Hana Yoon (South Korea): Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms and Female Sexual Dysfunction


11:30–12:30, Room 332


Landmarks of Portuguese Clinical Sexology Research (Portuguese Society of Clinical Sexology Symposium)

Chair: Pedro Nobre (Portugal)

Maria Manuela Peixoto on behalf of Patrícia M Pascoal (Portugal): Is Sexual Distress a problem for BDSM and Non-BDSM Contexts?
Maria Manuela Peixoto (Portugal): Cognitive-Affective Dimensions in Distressing Sexual Problems: Clinical Implications for Gay Men and Lesbian Women
Pedro Nobre (Portugal): Sex Research in the Laboratory: Main findings from the Portuguese SexLab


13:30–15:00, Summit 2


Putting the sexy into sexual health education (Love Matters Symposium)

Chair: Kevan Wylie (United Kingdom)

John Santelli (United States): Talking to adolescent patients about pleasure – when all I ever learned was how to talk about diseases?!?
Michelle Chakkalackal (the Netherlands): Engaging young people with pleasure positive sex education
Doortje Braeken (the Netherlands): Young people and sexual pleasure: a sex positive approach in programming
Antón Castellanos Usigli (Mexico): Sexual pleasure: voices of young people from around the world


13:30–15:00, Room 332


A multi-disciplinary comprehensive approach to sexual dysfunction from a South African perspective (SASHA Symposium)

Chairs: Elmari Mulder Craig (South Africa) & Elna Rudolph (South Africa)

Discussion Panel:
Elmari Mulder Craig, Elna Rudolph, Anthony Smith, Eugene Viljoen, Delene Van Dyk (South Africa)


13:30–15:00, Room 334


Persistence of various forms of expression of violence based on gender, age and functional diversity: A worrying social reality (FLASSES Symposium)

This symposium will be presented in Spanish.

Chair: Jaqueline Brendler (Brazil)

Felipe Hurtado Murillo (Spain): Gender violence in women: a global social reality
Aminta Parra-Colmenares (Venezuela): VIOLENCE: An approach to prevention in handicapped persons
Jaqueline Brendler (Brazil): Women: reflections on sexual violence
Eusebio Rubio-Aurioles (Mexico): Comprehensive Sexuality Education to Prevent Sexual Violence


15:30–16:30, Summit 2


Sexual Health in O&G – A Life Course Approach (NUS/SSASS Symposium)

Chairs: Roy Ng (Singapore) & Reiko Ohkawa (Japan)

Susan Logan (Singapore): Adolescent sexual health in challenging times
Zhongwei Huang (Singapore): Sex – is it only for reproduction
Roy Ng (Singapore): Can urogynaecologists improve the sexual health of women


15:30–17:00, Room 332


Transfer sexual and reproductive health and human Rights capacities: new challenges of education and training of trainers for health providers (UNESCO Chaire Sexual Health & Human rights, WAS Youth Initiative and Sexual Rights Committee Symposium)

Chairs: Thierry Troussier (France) & Yuko Higashi (Japan)

Thierry Troussier (France): Process and concepts of training of trainers in Sexual Health and Human Rights in West Africa 2011–2014
Thierry Troussier (France): Results and recommendations on training in Sexual health and human Rights in West Africa 2014
Ingrid Geray (France): Integrating Human Rights in sexual health training
Stefano Eleuteri (Italy): Sexual Health and human rights as a paradigm for youth sexual education



11:30–12:30, Summit 2


Cancer and Sexuality (ESSM Symposium)

Chair: Hartmut Porst (Germany) & P. S. Evie Kirana (Greece)

Woet Gianotten (the Netherlands): The New Me; How cancer affects sexuality and intimacy
P. S. Evie Kirana (Greece): The New We; How cancer also impacts the partner's sexuality
Hartmut Porst (Germany): The New Us: Sexual rehabilitation and regained intimacy


11:30–12:30, Room 332


The advanced sexology in China (CSA Symposium)

Chair: Peicheng Hu (China)

Jianzhong Zha (China): The survey of sexual life for wrinkly and elderly women in China
Jun Fang (China): A practice of carrying sexual health education through new media in China
Daqi Xue (China): The save sexual life for the syphilis patients
Xiaonian Ma (China): Thinking of the Female Sexual Problems


13:30–15:00, Summit 2


Overcoming Troubles in Promoting Sexual Rights (Sexual Rights Committee of WAS Symposium)

Chairs: Tommi Paalanen (Finland) & Yuko Higashi (Japan)

Tommi Paalanen (Finland): What is New in the Revised Declaration of Sexual Rights
Faysal El Kak (Lebanon): Advancing LGBT Health in the Middle-East
Tiina Vilponen (Finland): Genital Autonomy as a Sexual Right
Márcia Rocha (Brazil): Transempregos Project: A Way for Transgender People to Reach Dignity
Yuko Higashi (Japan): Asia Pacific Trans Health Blueprint


13:30–15:00, Room 332


Sexual Dysfunction among infertile couples attending ART clinic in South India (IAFS Symposium)

Chair: P. Ganesan Adaikan (Singapore)

Thangasamy Kamaraj (India): Sexual Dysfunction in Male Partners
K. S. Jeyarani Kamaraj (India): Sexual Dysfunction in Female Partners
P. G. Sundararaman (India): Endocrinological of Love
Kunjappan Promodu (India): Unconsummated Marriages hindering Conception and Pregnancy


13:30–14:30, Room 334


Transgender Issues and Rights: Current Research and Global Context

Chair: Maryanne Doherty-Poirier (Australia)

P. J. Matt Tilley (Australia): First Australian National TransMental Health Study: Mental Health Problems and Assoicated Factors
Maryanne Doherty-Poirier (Australia): Right to Information: Gender and Sexuality
Sam Winter (Australia): WHO and the boy in the dress: Gender incongruence of childhood, and hypocrisy


14:30–15:30, Room 334


Post-secondary Sexuality Education: Harbin Universities in Northern China

Chair: P. J. Matt Tilley (Australia)

Tao Peng (China): Challenges in the development and implementation of sexuality education in Harbin Medical University and other institions, China
Maryanne Doherty-Poirier (Australia): Sexology Professional Development Training: Implementation and Evaluation
Dong Shang (China): Developed Countries and Chinese Sexuality Education Contrasts: Undergraduate Student Experience
Li Run Mei (China): Sexuality Knowledge, Skills and Attitude Learnings: Undergraduate Student Experience


15:30–17:00, Summit 2


Sexual Science and Its Applications (SSSS Symposium)

Chair: Osmo Kontula (Finland)

Stella Resnick (United States): Love, Sex, and Neurobiology: A Multidisciplinary Right-Brain Embodied Approach to Couples' Sex Therapy
Stephanie Buehler (United States): Clinical Psychology:  Ecosystemic Assessment of Male Sexual Dysfunction in Couples in Infertility Treatment
Osmo Kontula (Finland): Together or apart? A study of the role of intimacy in conflicts and reasons for separating among couples
Margarita Gerouki (Greece): How perceptions on sexual diversity are manifested as homophobic behaviors in the schools


15:30–17:00, Room 332


Promoting Sexual Health: AASECT Certification of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, Therapists, & Supervisors

Chair: Helen Ginger Bush (United States)

Discussion Panel:
Helen Ginger Bush, Linda De Villers, Eli Coleman (United States) & D. Narayana Reddy (India)


15:30–17:00, Room 334


Open Roundtable Session: Advocating Sexual Rights in Different Countries and Cultures. Sharing Good Practices (Sexual Rights Committee of WAS Round Table)

Chairs: Yuko Higashi (Japan) & Tommi Paalanen (Finland)

Everyone interested and dedicated towards promotion of sexual rights and recommendation of its advocacy is welcome to participate and share in this session.


17:00–18:00, Summit 2


Sexual Rights as Human Rights: From Concept to Reality

Chair: Eusebio Rubio-Aurioles (Mexico)

Eli Coleman (United States): The WAS Declaration for Sexual Rights: Updated to respond to public policy issues related to Sexual and Reproductive Rights
Esther Corona-Vargas (Mexico): Getting sexual health and rights into the UN agenda – Current challenges
Eszter Kismödi (Hungary): State accountability for ensuring sexual health through human rights
Doortje Braeken (United Kingdom): Young people, sexual freedom, equality and consent



11:30–12:30, Summit 2


Clinical Sexology: The Indian Experience (CSEPI Symposium)

Chairs: Padmini Prasad (India) & Saroj Gumaste (India)

D. Narayana Reddy (India): Prevalence & Typology of Sexual Problems
Godha Venkataramana (India): Sociocultural Impact on Sexual Functioning
Sanjay Deshpande (India): Obstacles for Ethical Clinical Practice


13:30–15:00, Room 334


Liberty, Human Sexuality and Sexual Health (SFSC, UNESCO Chaire and WAS Committee of Human Rights Symposium)

Chairs: Michèle Pujos Gautraud (France) & Tommi Paalanen (Finland)

Thierry Troussier  (France):  What values underlying the actions of scientific societies sexology and sexual health?
Michèle Pujos Gautraud (France): How far can we agree with our patients’ sexual freedom?
Thierry Troussier (France): How far can we accept the sexual freedom of our patients?
Ingrid Geray (France): The liberty as Human Rights applied to sexuality


15:30–16:30, Summit 2


Multi-Disciplinarily and Psychosexual Therapy: An Australian Perspective (SAS Symposium)

Chair: Christopher Fox (Australia)

Christopher Fox (Australia)
Lynda Carlyle (Australia)
Lisa Grant (Australia)
Jocelyn Klug (Australia)