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Unmoderated (Exhibited) Posters

Unmoderated (Exhibited) Posters are presented as non-discussion posters only, and will be exhibited digitally for the duration of the meeting. The posters will be available for viewing by all delegates at the digital poster stations in the exhibition hall. Please note that all posters will be presented in a digital version only, do not print it.

Digital poster stations

In order to give all participants the opportunity to view all posters without any hurry, all posters (moderated and unmoderated) will be published at digital poster stations. Please submit a digital version of your poster via by July 17, 2015.

We advise you to use this Template for Posters / Moderated Posters when creating your poster.

List of Posters

Can pre-operative measurements of apoptosis predict the outcome of varicocele repair?

Nabil Amin (Egypt)

Love Addictive Disorders at the Emergency Units of a Hospital: Differential Diagnosis and Treatment

Sergio Antonio Rueda Anthony Wheeler (Mexico)

She Leads: A Movement to Liberate Marginalized Women In Pakistan

Qadeer Baig (Pakistan)

Use of condom in vaginal intercourse and prevalence of mental disorders in Spanish young people

Rafael Ballester-Arnal (Spain)

Epidemiological survey of aggression in patient with gender identity disorder referred to Shiraz Forensic Medical Center

Sareh Behzadi Pour (Iran)

Sexual dysfunctions and mental health status in women with breast cancer

Sareh Behzadi Pour (Iran)

The comparision of parenting styles, Quality of life and personality dimensions of temperament and character in gender identity disorder (GID) and normal population

Sareh Behzadi Pour (Iran)

The Effects of Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS) on Gender Schemata in Patients with Gender Identity Disorder

Sareh Behzadi Pour (Iran)

The efficacy of cognitive behavior therapy on sexual satisfaction in women with breast cancer

Sareh Behzadi Pour (Iran)

Which Factors Favor the Use of Male Condoms Without Disturbing Erotic Climate and Pleasure?

Jaqueline Brendler (Brazil)

Young Women’s Feelings when Buying Male Condoms

Jaqueline Brendler (Brazil)

Alga Ecklonia bicyclis, Tribulus terrestris, Myoinositol and BiovisTM reduce sperm DNA fragmentation in patients with oligoasthenoteratozoospermia (OAT) syndrome.

Marco Capece (Italy)

Tailoring to the Patient with Erectile Dysfunction – Baseline Clinical Characteristics Are of Major Importance to Predict Positive Treatment Outcomes

Paolo Capogrosso (Italy)

Asexuality: A Psychological and Cognitive Characterization

Joana Carvalho (Portugal)

The construction of religious beliefs and the influence in female sexuality

Talita Castelão Fernandes (Brazil)

Erectile Dysfunction among Male Patients Receiving Methadone Maintenance Therapy: Focusing on Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection

Te-Chang Changchien (Taiwan)

The role of sexual disharmony in the formation of steam maladjustment

Anna Chizhova (Russian Federation)

‘Couldn’t you just wear a kilt?’: Experiences of transgender individuals with healthcare providers in Western Australia

Jessica Cleasby (Australia)

Early sexual experiences and real and ideal parent-child communications about sex

Randi Doyle (Canada)

Female interest/arousal disorder in postmenopause women with metabolic syndrome (MetS): a critic to highlights of changes from DSM-IV-TR to DSM-5

Gustavo Maximiliano Dutra Da Silva (Brazil)

Sexual Education: a participatory approach to enhance sexual health in 0–6 years children

Stefano Eleuteri (Italy)

Women’s sexuality in reclusion – the rescue of self-esteem through play activities

Tereza Cristina Pereira Carvalho Fagundes (Brazil)

A qualitative exploration of the meaning and experience of sexual desire among partnered heterosexual men

Elaine George (Australia)

A surprising finding related to cybersex and high risk sexual behaviors in Spain

M. Dolores Gil-Llario (Spain)

Relation between condom use, perceived probability and fear of HIV infection, and history of sexually transmitted infections in male sex workers in Spain

M. Dolores Gil-Llario (Spain)

Knowledge of Sexual Rights and sexual education level of Spanish university young

M Cristina González Martínez (Spain)

Sexual dualism: Impacting sexuality then and now?

Madalena Grobbelaar (Australia)

Sexual awareness among school children (Adolescent) in Major Indian Cities (Adolescent)

Saroj Gumaste (India)

Validation of Sexual Functioning Questionnaire for Sinhala among those seeking reproductive health counselling

Kavinda Dimuthu Kumara Gunathillaka (Sri Lanka)

The attitude of Japanese female nursing university students regarding contraception

Itoko Hayashi (Japan)

Factors Influencing Women’s Resumption of Sexual Intercourse from 4 to 5 Months Postpartum

Kumiko Imamura (Japan)

Sexual orientation in Thai adolescents: a cross-sectional survey of senior high school

Sawitree Jetiyanuwat (Thailand)

Explored factors of associated restriction with sexual life in people living with HIV/AIDS in Japan

Fumiko Kagiura (Japan)

Analysis of the knowledge of relation between modifiable risk factors and erectile dysfunction in patients with ischaemic heart disease who underwent cardiac rehabilitation

Dariusz Kałka (Poland)

Sexuality Education – Accessibility for Chinese Sexual Minority Youth

Diana K. Kwok (Hong Kong)

A Study on Sexual Dysfunction, Sexual Desire and Sexual Coping Strategy of Patients with Spinal Cord Injury in Taiwan

Chen-I Lin (Taiwan)

Sexual Function in Schizophrenia

Dennis Lin (United States)

From Embarrassed to Comfortable: The Study Of The Immediate And Effect Of Sexual Comfort Training Program for Counselors in Taiwan

Yen-Chin Lin (Taiwan)

Paternity in heterosexual, bisexual and homosexual men

Agata Loewe (Poland)

Survey Masturbation in Vietnamese Adult

Dung Mai Ba Tien (Vietnam)

Sexsomnia: A Challenge for Clients and Clinicians Alike

Desa Markovic (United Kingdom)

Consciousness investigation for assisted reproductive technology among sexual minorities

Ai Murata (Japan)

Integrated Therapy Approach in Treating Premature Ejaculation in Conservative Muslim Society Like Pakistan by Sex Therapy and Pharmacotherapy Excluding PDE5 Inhibitors

Muhammad Amir Farooq Nasim (Pakistan)

The use of pessary among pelvic organ prolapse patients and its impact on daily life and sex life

Keiko Nishi (Japan)

Sexuality and Sexual Functioning of a Woman with Bipolar II Disorder – Case Report

Justyna Oettingen (Poland)

World Sexual Health Day September 4th What is it? What is this year's theme

Luis Perelman (Mexico)

Suicide Risk Assessment in Sexual Functioning Assessments: What is the Evidence?

Marie Rockford (Australia)

Premature ejaculation treated with daily administration of natural compound, griffonia simplicifolia. Preliminary data

Giuseppe Romeo (Italy)

Sexual Relationships as a Stress Coping Strategy among Workers in Brazil

Ana Maria Rossi (Brazil)

Improving male sexaul function with a nutraceutical composite containing Tribulus terrestris, alga Ecklonia Bicyclis and Chitosan oligosaccharide water soluble: A multicentric, randomized, placebo-controlled study

Antonio Ruffo (Italy)

Self-attributed sexist differences on Internet profile pictures

Jordi Santamaria-Davila (Spain)

Clinic of Sexology in a Public Hospital

Sandra Scalco (Brazil)

Hypersexuality and DSM5: thoughts on a case report

Sandra Scalco (Brazil)

Feminine sexuality: what do moroccan women know?

Belbachir Siham (Morocco)

Life Line and Sexual Quality of Life of Thai HIV/AIDS women: A grasp at Prabat Numphu Sanctuary in Thailand

Palarp Sinhaseni (Thailand)

Features of the high school students of sexual behavior and sexual education effect of credit-system high school in Japan

Asuka Someya (Japan)

Sex and Art: Eroticism and Artistic Production

Tatiana Strepetova (Italy)

Vaginismus and Female Sexuality

Tatiana Strepetova (Italy)

Sex after Sexually Transmitted Diseases(STDs)

Arunkumar Subbian (India)

The Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Assistance Project 'The Effects of the Peer Caravan Project “Mental Health and Dreams in Life: Rebuilding Hopes in Life” for Young People in Puberty

Hisako Takamura (Japan)

A Study of male patients with Sexual Problems (SP) presenting to the Family Planning Association, Sri Lanka (FPASL) clinic

Sumithra Tissera (Sri Lanka)

A case of orgasmic anhedonia in a man with blinkers on

Domenico Trotta (Italy)

Psycosexual Male Orgasmic Disorders

Domenico Trotta (Italy)

The Reasons of Sex Offenders’ Choice for Their Victims

Ayako Uchiyama (Japan)

Who Is Taking Care of Sexual Health Education? – Findings From a Real-Life Survey in Outpatients

Eugenio Ventimiglia (Italy)

Curriculum Integration of Sexual Education

Isabel Vieira (Portugal)

Evaluation of eating behavior of students of Francisco de Arruda School relating to gender, age , level of education and relationships

Isabel Vieira (Portugal)

Incorporating Dating Violence into the High School Sex Education Curriculum

Fujiko Yamada (Japan)

New phalloplasty using acellular human dermal tissue with injection

Tae Kyoung Yun (South Korea)

Menopause Sex Characteristics

Jianzhong Zha (China)

Which one has more negative sexual self-concept? Blindness or sighted people

Tayebe Ziaei (Iran)

Late Breaking Posters

Non Inclusion of Homosexuality in the 1980 Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder III – Perception of Indiana State Resident Psychologists in the United States of America

Adebusayo Aladegbola (United States)

Acyclomine, the active antimicrobial constituents of Allium hirtifolium, in treatment of genital herpes

Mansour Amin (Iran)

Using the Health Belief Model to Predict Those Seeking Treatment for Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder among Premenopausal women in Taiwan

Yin-Jou Chou (Taiwan)

The Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome: an exploratory research

Alessandra Perilli (Italy)